Organizing Committee

Words from Zeal Drag

The organizing committee of Drag comprises of experienced staff and the expertise form industry. As this is our first event our approach will be positive in all aspects for smooth conduction of our event. The transparency will be well maintained throughout the event between the participants and organizing committee. The qualification in Technical Inspection and the distribution of final prizes will be strictly according to the norms as mentioned in the rulebook. The limited entries in this event highlight the quality of kart rather than the quantity. All the timing of the competition will be electronically measured and will be available immediately on score board. Local transport to outstation team will be provided by the organizer. Pune being the main center of automobile in India, the location is favorable for this event.

Steering Committee

Mr. Jayesh Katkar
Executive Director,
ZEAL Education Society, Narhe, Pune

Mr. Sambhaji Katkar
Founder Director,
ZEAL Education Society, Narhe, Pune

Dr. Sanjay Deokar
Director-Admission, T&P
ZEAL Education Society, Narhe, Pune

Dr. Ajit kate
ZCOER, Narhe, Pune

Organizing Committee



Contact No

Dr. Dambhare Sunil Convener 9922964996
Dr. Kate A.M Convener 9822014351
Akshay Karande Contact Point Person, Event Management, Technical Committee & Rulebook 8149217529
Pravin Parit Contact Point Person, Event Management execution 9860384809
Ajinkya Dawale Dynamic events, Volunteer training, 9960015385
Omkar Kulkarni Website and Social Media 9423533090
Tausif Shaikh VIP Relationship , Transport 8888993051
Junaid  Deshmukh Secretary (Finance  &Accounts) 9665789785
Abhijit Kasar Marketing,, Hotel ,Catering committee 8857955872
Vitthal  Randive Event Registration Head. 9665453553
Suhas Sawant Endurance, Dynamic Event, Track Management & Safety 9975555147
Sachin Godase VIP Relationship ,Hospitality ,Guest Relationship 9527609339