Virtual Round (300 Marks)

S.N. Category Maximum Marks
1 Vehicle Design 100
2 Design Report 50
4 Innovation 50
5 Cost Report 25
6 Design Validation 25
7 Grant Chart 25
8 Presentation 25

Important Note

Overall marking will be based on score at virtual round (20%) and main event round (80%).

  • The organizing committee of Drag comprises of experienced staff and the expertise form industry.
  • As this is our first event our approach will be positive in all aspects for smooth conduction of our event.
  • The transparency will be well maintained throughout the event between the participants and organizing committee.
  • The qualification in Technical Inspection and the distribution of final prizes will be strictly according to the norms as mentioned in the rulebook.
  • The limited entries in this event highlight the quality of kart rather than the quantity.
  • All the timing of the competition will be electronically measured and will be available immediately on score board.
  • Local transport to outstation team will be provided by the organizer.
  • Pune being the main center of automobile in India, the location is favorable for this event.

Final Round (700 Marks)

S.N. Category Maximum Marks
1 Vehicle Design Vs Analysis 50
2 Cost Report Vs Vehicle Cost 50
4 Manufacturing Quality 100
5 Design Report Discussion 50
6 Innovation (Implimentation) 50
7 Business case presntation 50
1 Skid Pad 50
2 Auto cross 50
3 Drag Race 100
4 Endurance 150